Vegan thickening agents that give your jams the perfect texture.

Agar Agar

The major property of Agar Agar is it’s water holding capacity. Hence it can be used in jams, sugar-free jams and marmalade recipes to get high yield with minimal evaporation loss.


Spreadable Agar Agar Wondergel is an easy-to-use thickening and gelling agent in making varieties of fresh fruit jams, spreads, marmalades etc. The final product will have a smooth, spreadable & soft texture.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum is widely used to make chocolate spreads, fruit spreads etc.When added to chocolate spreads, it helps to create a smoother and more spreadable texture. This can improve the overall mouthfeel and make the product more appealing to consumers. Chocolate spreads often contain fats and liquids that can separate over time. Xanthan gum helps to stabilize the emulsion, preventing the ingredients from separating.  It also gives an excellent mouth-feel.

Guar Gum

Guar gum has a better water-thickening ability than other agents (e.g. cornstarch) and only a small quantity is needed for producing sufficient viscosity. It is useful in enhancing the softness and quality of jams & spreads.


Pectin is essential for the gel formation in jams and spreads. When combined with sugar and acid (typically from lemon juice), pectin molecules interact and form a gel network. This gel structure gives the product its characteristic thickness and enables it to set into a spreadable consistency. Pectin contributes to the overall texture of jams and spreads, providing a smooth and cohesive mouthfeel. The gel structure created by pectin helps trap fruit particles, creating a uniform and pleasing texture. Pectin allows for a quicker gel formation during the cooking process. This is particularly important in the production of high-quality jams and spreads, as it helps preserve the natural color, flavor, and nutritional content of the fruits.