Quality Assurance

Unmatched & Uncompromised Quality Assurance

For us, customer satisfaction is of utmost priority and therefore we have stringent, uncompromising quality assurances in place. All our plant operations, therefore, strictly follow a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Our QA team has the right knowledge and skills to assess and monitor the SOPs.

All our efforts are focused on creating a coherent, accurate process that ultimately produces high-quality, industry-standard products in a safe environment. We use a batch numbering system that allows us to trace the products in the production line.

The QA process starts with the evaluation of raw materials to make sure they meet the application-specific quality criteria. It ends with the sample testing of finished goods prior to dispatch.

While our control lab personnel undertake raw material, intermediate products, and final products analysis, our QA team scrutinizes and monitors each of the analysis procedures.