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Ultra-pure-grade Agarose, perfect for analytical and preparative electrophoresis.

Extracted from Agar Agar, our premium molecular biology reagent, Agarose is apt for various life science applications, especially where gel electrophoresis are used. Agarose efficiently forms an inert matrix that is used for different separation techniques at life science labs. The purity of Agarose makes it suitable for life science applications such as DNA, RNA Recoveries, Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis, Protein Electrophoresis, etc.

We produce Agarose from reliable sources and continue to explore more Agarose capabilities with uncompromising quality standards. We provide Agarose in both Low EEO and Medium EEO grades.

Properties of Agarose 

  • Easy dissolution and fast gelling
  • Excellent transparency and low background staining which provides clear visibility of the bands
  • Sharp and well-defined bands
  • Very low DNA fixation
  • Ideal for high resolution analysis of DNA and RNA fragment between 500 bp to 40000 bp


Bulk :25 kg fibreboard drum

Retail :20, 50 & 500 gm poly containers

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Nucleic acid electrophoresis

Immunodiffusion techniques

Get plates or overlays for cells in tissue culture, cell culture media

Gel chromotography, affinity chromotography and ion exchange chromotography

DNA, RNA recoveries

Live cell imaging

Separation of large molecules such as Antibodies, Lipo proteins, Membrane protein, Nucleic acid etc