Cold Glaze Stabilizer (Glazemate)

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Meron’s Cold Glaze Stabilizer

Glazemate, a ready to use Neutral Cold Glaze Stabiliser, which is a blend of Agar Agar and other essential ingredients. This has been formulated to ensure ease of use at the manufacturer’s end while at the same time resulting in superior finish and quality in the end product.

Glazemate’s glaze forms a gel layer that protects the finished product from drying out, preserves fruit ingredients, improves the freshness of the cake and makes it visually appealing.

Key Benefits of Glazemate

  • Creamy and shiny texture.
  • Consistent and firm gel texture.
  • Quick gelation on baked products.
  • High flexibility during glazing due to low gelling temperature.
  • Extra smooth mouth feel and high gloss shine.
  • Excellent transparency and spread ability.


HoReCa : 1 KG Pouch

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    Relish delightful dairy recipes with high-quality Marine Hydrocolloids dairy stabilizers.

    Agar Agar:

    Dairy recipes like set yoghurt, ice-creams, kulfi, ice candies, popsicles, etc require stabilizer to gain the required consistency. Agar-Agar acts as a perfect stabiliser and improves the water retention capacity of dairy products. Based on the texture requirements, you can add other Hydrocolloids with agar to prepare a more effective stabilizer.


    Spreadable Agar Wondergel is an ideal choice to make creamy, thick & smooth dairy products such as set, stirred & drinkable yoghurts, flavoured milk, paneer etc. without significant syneresis.

    Our range of Spreadable Agar Wondergel variants can be extensively used as stabilizers in many dairy recipes.


    Carrageenan is a widely used stabilizer among dairy processors, as it imparts optimal consistency and a good mouth feel. Our Carrageenan is ideal for making dairy products like ice-creams, yoghurts, flavoured milk and much more.

    Sodium Alginate

    Sodium Alginate’s strong thickening potential makes it a good choice for additives for chocolate milk, Ice cream and other dairy beverages. It imparts perfect consistency without compromising on the mouth feel.

    Xanthan Gum

    Xanthan Gum is primarily used as a thickening, stabilising & emulsifying agent. A small amount of Xanthan Gum when added to liquids can vastly increase the viscosity, making it useful for a variety of dairy products that require thickening. It is widely used in frozen desserts to prevent the crystallization and to improve the softness of final product.

    Tara Gum

    Tara gum is known for its ability to enhance the texture of dairy products. It can improve the creaminess and mouthfeel of products like yogurts, ice creams, and dairy-based desserts. Tara gum can be used to stabilize emulsions in dairy products, helping to prevent phase separation and maintain a uniform consistency. This is particularly valuable in products like creamers and certain desserts. In frozen dairy products like ice cream, Tara gum can contribute to improved freeze-thaw stability, preventing the formation of ice crystals and maintaining a smoother texture. Tara gum’s water-binding properties can help reduce syneresis (the release of water) in yogurt, ensuring a firmer and more stable texture.

    Locust Bean Gum

    Locust bean gum is known for its ability to increase the viscosity and improve the texture of dairy products. It imparts a smooth and creamy consistency, making it useful in products like ice cream, yogurt, and dairy-based desserts. In frozen dairy products like ice cream, locust bean gum can enhance freeze-thaw stability, minimizing the formation of ice crystals and ensuring a smoother texture. Locust bean gum contributes to a creamy mouthfeel in dairy products, enhancing the overall sensory experience for consumers.


    Pectin is commonly used in fruit-based products, and in the dairy industry, it might be employed in fruit-flavored yogurts or dairy desserts to provide gelling and thickening properties. Pectin may contribute to the mouthfeel of certain dairy products by providing a smoother and more desirable texture.

    Guar Gum

    Guar gum is a natural thickening and stabilizing agent derived from guar beans. It is often used in the food industry for its ability to increase viscosity and improve the texture of various products. In dairy products, guar gum can serve several purposes:

    Viscosity and Texture: Guar gum is known for its water-binding and thickening properties. In dairy products such as ice cream, yogurt, and cream-based desserts, guar gum can be added to improve the viscosity and texture, providing a smoother and creamier mouthfeel.

    Stabilization: Guar gum helps prevent the separation of liquid and solid components in dairy products. It acts as a stabilizer, enhancing the overall stability of the product and preventing issues like syneresis (the release of water) in yogurt or ice cream.

    Reduced Ice Crystals in Ice Cream: In ice cream production, guar gum can be used to control the formation of ice crystals. This results in a smoother and creamier ice cream texture by improving the freeze-thaw stability.

    Improved Mouthfeel: Guar gum contributes to a pleasant mouthfeel in dairy products. It helps create a more indulgent and satisfying texture, particularly in products where a rich and creamy consistency is desired.


    Whip up bakery recipes with plant-based ingredients.

    Agar Agar

    Agar’s ability to gel and hold water has been experimented in the baking industry for a long time.

    Bakers love it as it is a vegan way to stabilize glazes, cheese cakes, tarts, pie fillings and coatings that make their products look extremely tempting. It provides the required viscoelastic properties to get the desired firmness in the final baked goods.


    Spreadable Agar Agar Wondergel is an easy-to-use vegan substitute for the age-old gelatine. It provides required perfect texture and imparts balanced creaminess to the bakery items such as cake glaze, decorative piping gel, fruit fillings, fondants, cheese cake, creamy custards etc.


    Carrageenan produced at our facility is safe to use for bakery preparations. It can be used as a stabilizing agent in whipped creams, tarts and much more.

    Sodium Alginate

    Sodium Alginate is widely used in bakery recipes as a thickening agent for bakery toppings/icings or to increase freeze/thaw ability of various items such as bakery creams. Addition of alginates to various baked delicacies makes them resistant to temperature fluctuations and also helps in reducing the setting time. A pinch of Alginate improves the texture of baked goods.


    Pectin is a natural substance found in various fruits, and it is commonly used as a gelling agent in the production of jams and jellies. While pectin is not a standard ingredient in most bakery products, it can be used in certain recipes to achieve specific texture and consistency goals.
    Fruit Fillings: Pectin is often added to fruit fillings for pastries, pies, and tarts to enhance the gel-like consistency. It helps create a firmer texture and prevents the filling from becoming too runny during baking.

    Jams and Jellies in Baked Goods: Pectin is a key ingredient in the making of jams and jellies, which can be used as fillings or toppings for various baked goods. These can include thumbprint cookies, pastries, or even layered cakes.

    Glazes: Pectin can be used to create fruit-based glazes for pastries and cakes. The glaze can add flavor and a shiny finish to the baked goods.

    Gel-like Layers: In some specialty desserts, pectin might be used to create gel-like layers or textures. This is more common in advanced pastry and dessert preparations.

    Curdlan gum

    Curdlan gum is a type of bacterial polysaccharide produced by the bacterium Agrobacterium sp. It has unique gelling and thickening properties, and it is often used in the food industry for its ability to form gels under certain conditions. When it comes to bake-stable fillings, curdlan gum can be utilized for its gelling properties to create stable and consistent textures.
    Gel Formation: Curdlan gum has the ability to form a gel when heated and then cooled. This characteristic makes it suitable for creating firm and stable textures in fillings that need to withstand baking temperatures.

    Thermoreversible Gel: The gelling property of curdlan is thermoreversible, meaning it can form a gel when heated and return to a liquid state upon cooling. This is advantageous in bake-stable fillings, as it allows the filling to set during the baking process and remain stable when the baked goods cool.

    Improved Texture: Curdlan gum can contribute to the overall texture of the filling, providing a smooth and consistent mouthfeel. It helps prevent the filling from becoming too runny or separating during baking.

    Temperature Resistance: Bake-stable fillings often need to withstand elevated temperatures during baking. Curdlan gum’s gel-forming ability can help maintain the structure and integrity of the filling under these conditions.