Sea Life (Vegan Dietary Fibre)

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Dietary fibre high on Iodine and Pottasium

‘Sealife’ is our 2 in 1 texturizer and plant based dietary fibre, made from 100% pure pulverized Gracilaria seaweed. It is not just a simple seaweed fibre but is considered as a novel food ingredient giving:

  • Soluble and insoluble dietary fibre
  • Enhanced mouthfeel and texture
  • High content of functional minerals

Sealife is organic, chlorine free, gluten free and non-GMO. Its soluble fibre component can be dissolved in warm water to form gel up on cooling. It is a clean label friendly food ingredient without requirement of E number.

It’s ‘Properties’ are :

  • High content of dietary fibres
  • Good source of functional minerals
  • High water binding capacity
  • Easy dispersion in water
  • Gluten free, vegetarian friendly


Bulk : 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 kg cartons & 25kg fibreboard drum

Retail :100 gm metallic containers

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