Discover Agar Instant: Fast-Soluble Agar by Marine Hydrocolloids

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Marine Hydrocolloids, a leading name in the hydrocolloid industry, proudly offers Agar Instant, an innovative solution designed for rapid solubility and diverse application needs. Agar Instant stands out by significantly reducing preparation time compared to traditional agar, making it an essential asset for professionals across various sectors.
Agar instant is fast soluble agar extracted from seaweed Gracilaria verrucosa. Agar instant series consist of several types from low to medium gel strength, with its ability to dissolve at lower than boiling temperature. This product is suitable for application where fast action of hydrocolloid is needed, without reducing the water binding capacity and performance as texturizing agent.
It dissolves at 70°C, easy dispersion in water without lump, long shelf stability in normal storage condition, creates desirable mouthfeel in dairy & creamy application, good transparency and low viscosity. This versatility makes it ideal for applications in the food industry.
In the culinary world, Agar Instant is a game-changer. Its rapid solubility allows chefs and food manufacturers to create jellies, custards, instant puddings and other gelled desserts with ease and efficiency, ensuring consistent texture and stability.
Marine Hydrocolloids commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every batch of Agar Instant. Produced under stringent quality control measures, Agar Instant guarantees reliable and consistent results, making it a dependable choice for critical applications.
Agar Instant by Marine Hydrocolloid represents a significant advancement in the field of hydrocolloids. Its fast solubility, range of gel strengths and exceptional performance make it a versatile and indispensable ingredient for various industries.