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Spreadable Agar Agar Wondergel: The Ultimate Vegan Gelatin Substitute for Food Innovation

Spreadable Agar Agar Wondergel is a 100% plant-based gelatin substitute derived from seaweed, specifically the red algae Gracilaria. Available in powdered form, this versatile hydrocolloid offers a soft, delicate texture with smooth spreadability and creaminess. It provides a full-bodied mouthfeel with a smooth, thixotropic flow and does not require chemical treatment or gelling aids like KCL. With a low gelling point (33-35°C), it dissolves completely above 85°C and has a high water-binding capacity to minimize syneresis, ensuring a consistent and homogeneous final product.
As a vegan gelling, thickening, and stabilizing agent, Spreadable Agar Agar Wondergel is suitable for various cultural, religious, and dietary needs, making it an excellent alternative to animal gelatin.
Spreadable Agar Agar Wondergel shows excellent synergy with sugar, so it is widely used in dairy products such as set, stirred, drinkable yoghurt and flavored milk. It is ideal for preparing a wide range of foods, including cake glaze, mousse, cheesecake, rolled fondant, panna cotta, spreadable cheese, jam, marmalade, crème brûlée, paneer, dips and sauces, soups and stews, syrups, fillings, and creamy shrikhand.